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Customer Creation: San Francisco Fire Pit Owner Mixes It Up

Are two fire pits better than one? If you ask one of our customers in Northern California, he'll say you can never have enough fire pits!

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Is fire glass flammable?

Not all glass is fire glass - make sure you know the difference before starting your next fire pit project.

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How Fire Glass is Made

All fire glass goes through a process called tempering, which makes it safe to use in a fire pit or fireplace.

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Customer Creation: Artistic Fire Pit in Denver

See how a Colorado couple blended multiple fire glass bead colors to match the custom artwork on their fire pit.

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Customer Creation: Outdoor Fire Table with Brown Fire Glass

We love this simple yet elegant fire table with glass beads!

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Fireplace Fire Glass Installation Guide

Fire glass is just as beautiful in an indoor fireplace as it is outside. Here's how to install fire glass to give your fireplace a brand new look.

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