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How to Choose your Fire Glass

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Choosing Fire Glass

Fire Glass comes in different shapes and sizes. Here’s a handy guide to help you learn about the different types of fire glass and help you with choosing fire glass that’s right for your project. Check out the visual guide to fire glass below, and let us know which is your favorite fire glass in the comments! Click on the guide if you’d like to view it separately and zoom in.


Types of Fire Pit Glass come in all sorts of shapes and sizes!

Choosing your fire glass in 4 steps

1. Choose your size

  • Crushed Fire Glass: The original glass for fire pits. A great all around choice for anyone trying fire glass for the first time.
  • 1/4″ Fire Glass: For a fresh, two-dimensional look and a smaller, more casual flame, 1/4″ Fire Glass is a great choice.
  • 1/2″ Fire Glass: For a more three-dimensional look and a larger flame, 1/2″ Fire Glass is the way to go.

2. Choose your look

  • Fire Beads: Fire Beads are a more contemporary glass. The rounded, three-dimensional texture allows a larger flame.
  • Fire Dots: Fire Dots are our most modern glass. The small, two-dimensional shapes fit together closely for a more subtle flame.

3. Choose your style

  • Reflective Fire Glass: A reflective fire glass will mirror the light from your fire pit.
  • Non-reflective Fire Glass: Glass that is non-reflective will retain more of its true color while your fire pit is lit, rather than reflecting the light.
  • Mixes: Mix reflective with non-reflective for a combination that both shows off its color and lets the firelight play on its surfaces. Mix multiple colors to create your own unique palate.

4. Buy Online

  • Explore Huge selection, quick shipping, wholesale pricing, bulk discounts and the very best quality fire glass.

What is your favorite type of fire glass? Let us know in the comments!

Rockin’ Around the Fire Pit Glass

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5 Things Guaranteed To Make Your Holiday Party Rock

‘Tis the season for shopping, family, and rockin’ holiday parties.

Image from Pinterest

It seems like everywhere you turn there’s just one more thing added on your “To-Do List”.

Especially for those of us having holiday parties, it can be even more stressful.

Getting your home in order, making sure the food is done on time, and battling with people because they just won’t send in their RSVP’s can be taxing, particularly during the holiday season.

Luckily, we’re here to take some of the stress off of you.

Check out these five stress-free tips for making your holiday party rock. read more →

Merry Pit-mas and A Happy New Year

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The ABC’s of Fire Pit Glass TLC

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5 Common Problems That May Occur With Your Fire Pit and How To Avoid Them

It’s easy to assume that fire pits are fairly self-sufficient.

For the most part this is true—

Fire pits require very little upkeep on the owner’s behalf to keep them working.

fire pit

Image from Ram Shackle Glam

However, because they need such a small amount of care, it’s easy for fire pit users to forego caring for them all together.

Like all else, fire pits do need some special TLC every now and then.

Does this mean that you’re looking at nights spent scrubbing and sweeping to keep them in top working condition?


All they really need is a little extra attention to ensure that they run as smoothly as possible or else fall prey to the common problems that occur with fire pits.

Take a look at the five more common issues that can occur with your fire pit and fire pit glass and what you can do to avoid them. read more →

Historically Speaking About Your Fire Pit Glass

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3 Reasons Fire Pits Live On

Have you ever wondered what the fascination with fire pits is?

Especially in recent years, it just seems that fire pits are everywhere in some way, shape, or form.

fire pit

Image from Wikipedia

Whether you’ve built one yourself, following a tutorial on Pinterest, or invested in a store bought, or professionally built one, you got that pit for a reason.

Though that reason might be vague, I’m sure I’ve now gotten you really pondering what your fire pit means to you.

Historically speaking, fire pits date back hundreds and thousands of years ago.

They were so popular, in fact, that many archeologists still to this day find remnants of large pits from years passed.

So why the fuss?

Historically Speaking

There once was a time when things like ovens and microwaves didn’t exist (shocking, we know). During that time, fire became the leading staple in colonies. It was a source of food, warmth, and provided protection from various intruders, including animals. According to history, fire was so important and so easily blown out, that ancient civilizations sought ways to prolong their fire. Enter the fire pit. Fire pits were created for the purpose of containing that elusive flame. Putting it low to the ground and surrounding it with stones or earth, kept the flames from being snuffed out by wind or dirt. Since then, fire pits haven’t changed much, maintaining their basic design, while perhaps becoming more modernized for the ages. Yet, with all the years that have passed and the technology that has been created, fire pits have retained their desirability, increasing in numbers over recent years.

Fast Forward

Welcome to the present, where fire pits still reign in backyards across the world. But why? read more →

Becoming Eco-ho-ho-ho Friendly With Your Fire Pit

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3 Easy Steps For Keeping Your Home Pollutant-Free During the Holidays

We can admit it, there’s just something about the smell of a wood-burning fire pit.

Though no one loves a face full of smoke or a nose full of ash, there’s something to the warm scent that reminds us of home.

fire pit safety hazards infographic

Image from Breathe Utah

Unfortunately, despite how much we might crave the woody scent, it’s actually considered very bad for you.

In fact, a wood fireplace, pit, or stove can emit as much air pollution as five diesel trucks.

That’s like taking five diesel trucks and cramming them into your living room, while only letting the smoke escape through a medium-sized hole in your ceiling.

You may also be silently arguing that smoke rises.

While you wouldn’t be wrong, you’d be wrong in assuming that the pollutants rise with the smoke.

Instead, pollutants become trapped in your home, sitting right where you do your living.

Add to this that research has shown that wood-burning in your home can lead to particle pollution levels that reach up to 70% of the pollution levels outdoors.

Maybe you’re thinking that that number is an exaggeration and that your wood-burning oven is nowhere near dirty enough to cause that kind of damage.

Even if that were true and we don’t doubt that on some level it is, consider that you’re still filling your home with a handful of harmful air pollutants that can wreak havoc on your body.

The dangers of smoke are widespread, but are especially dangerous for your lungs and heart.

Smoke In the Lungs May

  • Lead to asthma attacks
  • Trigger allergies
  • Aggravate bronchitis and other illnesses
  • Cause other diseases of the lungs
  • Permanently damage the lungs of children

Smoke In the Heart May

  • Lead to strokes
  • Up your chances of a heart attack
  • Cause arrhythmias
  • Trigger early deaths

Even if you don’t run any increased risk for heart or lung problems, it’s important to take smoke seriously and practice healthy fireplace habits.

Especially as we enter the coldest parts of the year, we’d like to offer you our three easy steps for keeping your home as smoke and pollutant-free as possible. read more →

Chestnuts Roasting Over Open Fire Pit Glass
Fire Pit Essential’s 2015 Gift Guide

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7 Holiday Gifts Your Fire Pit Users Can’t Live Without

Well folks, Halloween has come and gone, and just like that it’s the beginning of the holiday season.

With the holidays comes a hefty dose of stress and anxiety.

Sure, it might be the “happiest time of the year”, but for many people that happiness is tainted by the terrifying reality of holiday shopping.

While it might be fun for some people, for others it’s the reason for a downright lull in the holiday spirit.

The good news?

Image from Vator News

We’re still 3.5 weeks out from Thanksgiving and 8 weekends out from Christmas Day.

This means that for those of you who get a little panicky about the holiday spirit, we’re here to save the day!

Being a wholesale fire pit glass company, we’d of course encourage you to stock up on our colors for all of your gifting needs.

However, we understand that it’s not always that easy, which is why we’ve put together a list of the best fire pit related products to gift your family and friends with during the holidays.

Take a look at our gift guide to get your shopping list going. read more →

7 Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

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How To Keep Safe While Using Your Fire Pit Glass

“Don’t cross the street without looking both ways.”

“Don’t go swimming unless someone else is home.”

“Don’t burn yourself over an open flame.”

“Safety first.”

No matter the walk of life you come from, it’s likely you’ve heard one of these a time or two.

Image from Team Avalon

As our parents taught us while we were young, being safe is something not to be taken lightly.

“Safety first” is perhaps the most common mantra we’re taught.

It’s so common; in fact, that it’s what we’re taught from the time we’re able to walk.

Maybe the most dangerous of all things are the flames that accompany our stoves, candles, and outdoor fire pits.

Here are seven ways to keep you and your loved ones safe from the flames of your fire pit, so that you can keep burning for years to come. read more →

Falling Into the Holidays With Fire Pit Glass, Fresh Foliage, and Warm Colors

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5 Fall Patio Updates You Can Do Now

Fall is officially here.

While we in Southern California have not yet begun to feel fall’s cool embrace, we know that some of our friends across the country are already knee deep in lower temps.

As temperatures drop and the leaves change, the need to spend some time in the crisp outdoor weather rises.

Give your guests a reason to head outdoors by sprucing up your backyard patio.

Not just for summer nights, evenings spent on the patio in the fall mean warm blankets and cups of cider by the fire.

The best part of it all?

Updating your backyard patio for the fall lets you entertain guests past the summer months and, depending on where you live, into the New Year.

Without further ado, here are five of the easiest ways to update your backyard patio and make cooler temperature friendly. read more →

A Glass For the Ages

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Lake Tahoe Blue Crushed Fire Glass

4 Types of People Fire Pit Glass Was Made For

When the do-it-yourself boom first occurred on the Internet some three or four years ago, no one could have anticipated that fire pits would be at the front of the line. Around for years, fire pits saw a rise in popularity as families across the world made it possible to create your own backyard fire pit with minimal costs or labor. It’s been pretty much a no-brainer since then. Pinterest is flooded with ideas about how to update that unruly corner of your backyard within a weekend and using, in some cases, less than $200 of your hard earned money.

As the trend continued to grow, so did the kind of fire pits available for purchase. Wood burning met its match in the more eco-Fire Pit Glassfriendly, gas powered pits that offered both convenience and less pollutants. It’s no surprise, of course, that we at Fire Pit Essentials rejoiced in the boom of electric and gas powered fire pits. Because our selection of fire pit glass and fire rocks works with the electric and gas powered pits, we’re excited to not only expand our products to include things like fire diamonds, but to bring new colors to our valued customers.

Who Is Fire Pit Glass For?

read more →

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