Is fire glass flammable? What you need to know before buying fire glass for your fire pit

09/21/2017 | By: FPE

Fire glass is a trendy look in gas fire pits, especially outdoors or around backyard seating areas. But how do you know what kind of glass to buy? Using glass that isn’t fire-proof can put you in...

How Fire Glass is Made

09/20/2017 | By: FPE

There are a variety of methods used to make the different shapes of fire glass. However, all types of fire glass go through a process called tempering.

Customer Creation: Outdoor Fire Table with Brown Fire Glass

07/12/2017 | By: FPE

We love this simple yet elegant fire table with glass beads!

Fireplace Fire Glass Installation Guide

07/11/2017 | By: FPE

Did you know that fire glass can be used indoors as well as outdoors? Replacing the faux logs or other filler in your fireplace with modern, elegant fire glass is a very easy process.

Installing Fire Glass with a Gas Fire Burner

07/11/2017 | By: FPE

Installing fire glass along with a stainless steel ring burner or a black steel fire ring is fairly simple, though as always we recommend you contact your local contractor if you are unsure about...