Is Fire Glass Flammable?

Make sure you know the difference before buying fire glass.


What you need to know before buying fire glass for your fire pit

Fire glass is a trendy look in gas fire pits, especially outdoors or around backyard seating areas. But how do you know what kind of glass to buy? Using glass that isn’t fire-proof can put you in danger. Here’s what you need to know about making the switch to fire glass.

So, is fire glass flammable?

No, fire glass is not flammable. Fire glass is glass that has been specially tempered to withstand high heat for prolonged periods of time. Authentic fire glass comes with a heat rating, such as 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. This rating is well above the heat any normal backyard outdoor fire pit or indoor gas fireplace would produce.

But remember:

Not all glass is fire glass!

The meticulous tempering process fire glass undergoes before it is certified makes it safe to use in a fire. Tiny air bubbles have been drawn out and removed during the multi-step heat-proofing process. These air bubbles are found in most types of glass, and are virtually invisible.


But Doesn’t Fire Glass Burn when Lit?

While it may appear that fire glass is burning, it actually isn’t. Similar to a gas stove, what is actually alight is simply the gas itself. The burning gas causes flames to dance around and above the fire glass.

Even though fire glass doesn’t burn, it does retain heat and refract light from the flame. Because fire glass crystals do radiate heat, they serve a dual purpose: keeping things warm and looking great while doing it.

Why not use any glass?

Using standard glass, glass beads from a craft shop, or landscape glass in place of heat-proof fire glass can cause those air bubbles we mentioned above to expand, making pieces of glass “pop” and shoot out of the fireplace at high speeds!

Fire diamondsfire beads and fire dots have smooth edges that are safe to handle, while original fire glass and crushed fire glass have sharper edges that require the use of gloves when handling and installing. In contrast, large pieces of broken un-tempered glass can sometimes have extremely sharp edges that are more dangerous to handle.

This is why you should never use glass that is not certified or that does not come from a fire glass seller that you trust. Using the incorrect glass in your fireplace or fire pit is dangerous and can cause bodily harm and serious injury.


What Type of Fire Glass is safe to use?

Here’s the good news!

Any fire-rated fire glass is safe to use, and safe to mix with other types of fire glass or even with lava rock. Choosing what type or look of fire glass to use is a completely personal choice!

Still stumped?

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