Customer Creation: Denver Artisan

Colorado couple shows off their custom art by creating more art!


What do you think of this fire pit and color combination?

We love what this couple did with their backyard to make it into a welcoming space for outdoor living. Here is everything we learned about this project from its creators.

We interviewed Denver homeowners Chris and Sara about their fire pit, which they installed in their backyard back in 2015. A colorful combination of Arctic IceChampagne, and Tahitian Blue fire glass beads were blended together for an eye-catching effect. The concrete fire pit was built on a flagstone patio. Surrounded by wood seating for five, the fire pit showcases stained artwork by local artist, Tom Varani. The artwork beautifully matches the colors of the fire glass beads.

What made you decide to add a fire pit? 

“The goal was simply to sit with friends around the fire. It worked perfectly! We used it just about every night! In fact, it basically became our dinner table. Our dog Rascal loved sitting with us by the fire. We consider the fire pit to be the best addition to the house.”

“We consider the fire pit to be the best addition to the house.” – Chris and Sara

Did you recently make any other changes to the backyard area?

“We built the flagstone patio the fire pit is on in order to have a great space to enjoy the fire pit. We added an enclosed wildflower area and a 3.5 foot raised bed for vegetables and herbs. We also built wooden front and side walls, added rock on the backside and added a 3 compartment compost bin.”

What do you most enjoy about having a fire pit, and what do people say when visiting?

“There is a camaraderie that develops when you share times around the fire. There’s nothing else like it! Everyone who visited loved it. The most common question we got was, ‘Are those glass beads? Don’t they explode?!’ We never got tired of explaining how they work and inspiring our friends to use fire glass as well!”

Who’s ready to build their own custom fire pit?!

We’d like to thank Chris & Sara for sharing their project with us. They’ve also been selected to win 50 lbs. of free fire glass for submitting their project to us!

We’d love to hear about YOUR fire pit! If you’re interested in sharing and possibly even winning some free fire glass, send us your photos!