Customer Creation: San Francisco Mix

Bay Area homeowner says two is always better than one!


San Francisco is a fantastic place to enjoy outdoor living, and local homeowner Robert is determined to make the most of it. He throws incredible themed parties that take advantage of his backyard. As a party host, it’s important that his outdoor space be not only attractive but also useful for his guests.

Robert has a passion for design (both interior and exterior) and is constantly making updates around his home. His neighbors also appreciate his passion and skills for design, always asking for advice and tips for their own homes.

Robert recently finished updating his outdoor living area by adding a few new pieces and repurposing some old. He replaced traditional pieces with contemporary ones to create a more modern vibe. The main update to Robert’s patio is the addition of new wicker furniture and a rectangular fire table complete with crushed fire glass.

Instead of replacing his original fire pit, it became an additional centerpiece for guests to settle around and enjoy. He was also able to revitalize the round fire pit by swapping out the Black Lava Rock for the more contemporary Tahitian Blue Fire Glass. As a result, Robert is now the proud owner of a fire pit and a fire table, each a unique feature for guests to gather around and enjoy.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of the wide variety of fire glass options by choosing one that perfectly matches your décor.

Turquoise was the color scheme chosen for all of Robert’s décor, including outdoor pillows, couch cushions and a patio umbrella. He took advantage of the wide variety of fire glass options by choosing one that perfectly matched his décor – Tahitian Blue.

We love Robert’s design sense and color choices. What do you think?