​Best Colors for Fire Glass Blends

Find out the 5 most popular color blends of fire glass, or get inspired to create your own unique blend.


5 Popular Fire Glass Color Mixes You’ll Love

You know you want to upgrade your fire pit to use fire glass, but now you’ve got a decision to make. What color fire glass should you use? Which colors look good together? Can you mix different colors of fire glass together?

We’re here to help. Over time, we’ve learned that some colors work perfectly when blended together, and we’d like to share our five most popular fire glass blends with you.

1. Sin City

Emphasize your sophisticated taste with this contemporary fire glass blend. Black, gold and white are an elegant combination that will make you feel like you’re staying in a chic hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Perfect for modern homes.

Sin City,1/4",Regular,Original Fire Glass Blends

Original Fire Glass Blends

2. Southern Ocean

This absolutely gorgeous blend will transport you to the crystal-blue waters of a Pacific island. The brightness of teal, light blue glass is anchored by the dark blues of deep ocean waters. This blend is beautiful for any occasion, and works great near pools and water features.

3. Irish Green with Irish Green Reflective

A simple, eye-catching blend of a bright blue-green, this mix of both reflective and non-reflective fire glass is the best of both worlds. The non-reflective Irish green glass shows off a deeper color, while its reflective counterpart mirrors the firelight to great effect.

4. Prairie Gold

Green, brown and yellow combine to create a warm, rustic color tapestry reminiscent of harvest time in a rural landscape. Bits of white glass are added to increase the luminescent effect and bring the other three colors together in harmony.

5. Dakota

This blend of browns and yellows creates an earthy effect that feels warm and inviting. White fire glass is used as an accent that softens the browns and yellows. Perfect for outdoor patio fire pits, let this Dakota blend relax you as you enjoy the welcoming ambiance.

Dakota,1/4",Regular,Original Fire Glass Blends

Original Fire Glass Blends

These are just a few of our favorite fire glass blends. Remember, you can create your own blend by mixing any of our types and colors of fire glass together. Have a question about mixing fire glass or want to see a sample of a certain blend before you buy? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What’s your favorite color blend? What blends should we create next? Let us know in the comments.